With the upcoming Olympic Games in July, Japanese Custom Officials plan to strengthen anti-smuggling enforcement with artificial intelligence, reported Nikkei Asia on February 18.

AI algorithm will scan incoming parcels to identify any hidden illegal items, like narcotics, arms or simply fakes. Trained AI system will flag suspicious parcels, that later will be handed to the officer.

Studying X-ray parcel image takes a customer officer 10 seconds, but AI can do it instantly, sharply reducing the time and the cost, shared Finance Ministry.

At first, custom officials plan to introduce AI-enhanced system in 6 locations this spring, including main international airports like Haneda or Narita in Tokyo. It is already a volume of over 100 million parcels annually.

Later ministry plans to out through AI screening all parcels that enter the country by air or sea, expanding the project to all 9 custom locations.

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