Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta strive to develop an AI algorithm capable of creating games, based on gamers feedback, reported Time.

AI researcher Matthew Guzdial believe that Artificial Intelligence and Gaming is a good match. At first, the instant feedback gaming experience offer can be truly beneficial for training machine learning algorithms. Therefore, gaming presents great testing environment opportunities.

But currently Guzdial and his research team at the University of Alberta are working on something more ambitious – they are developing an AI algorithm that will work alongside humans on creating new games, with a goal to reduce enter barriers for game creators:

“The plan was always to use this to help people make games. It allows the user to basically define the set of rules that the AI has learned without having to explicitly know anything about coding”

In future, he envision that AI will be able to incorporate user-generated feedback into new games, that exactly meet the need of particular gamers. In could also work for particular levels or rules at the game, explained the scientist.

However it might take years to bring this technology to consumers, Matthew Guzdial  with the team are already preparing the system for a “run a human subject study”.

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