Japanese company Tone Mobile has released the first in the world smartphone equipped with AI to prevent “inappropriate” photos, reads the company press release.

Released on February 20 new smartphone model TONE e20 with AI feature “TONE Security AI” prevents users to take or send “inappropriate”, or naked, pictures. 

With this feature, company hopes to contribute “to solving the social issue with technologies” for vulnerable users, like children, ill or elders.

So if children, or members of other vulnerable groups, are deceived or threatened to send a naked photo, the technology will just not allow it to send or transfer to the malicious recipient. 

Additionally, the phone immediately alert the parent or the responsible party of the attempt to take or sent “inappropriate photo”. AI system will send location data and pixelated photo.

Additionally, the phone is also said to use blockchain technology with an aim to provide secure internet infrastructure and biometric all authentification.

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