Data Analysts from Russia have analysed coronavirus data with the purpose to check, whether the virus is as deadly as mass media draws it.

Developers claim to use meta data from social networks, publicly available data, and John Hopkin university data on global cases of infections. The published on data follow the research step by step and shows how developers have arrived to the following three conclusions:

First, the virus epicentre is very well localized. The highest number of cases are concentrated in Hubei province of China, where the virus first started. Half of infected people outside China are the passengers and the crew of one cruise ship Diamond Princess.

Secondly, death rate varies from 2 to 3%, if calculated roughly, and if calculated more precisely –  from 0.4 to 4%. For comparison, developers cite that the death rate for another coronavirus – atypical viral pheumonia – is 9.6%.

Finally, if at the first weeks of data collection death dominated over the recovery cases, now the number of people recovered from disease is growing.

Data analysts have arrived to conclusion that coronavirus is more dangerous than a regular season fly only for people, staying in the virus epicentre.

As Future Time previously reported, Hong Kong-based AI startup Insilico Medicine has opened its database with research on drug components for other companies worldwide, to accelerate the development for the drug agains coronavirus.

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