One of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe, Norwegian Air, is getting closer to selling tickets for cryptocurrencies, with Norwegian Block Exchange finishing the infrastructure solution.

Stig Kjos-Mathisen, the CEO of the crypto trading platform Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), shared in the interview that the company has finished the necessary preparations to provide the airline company the infrastructure for allowing cryptocurrency payments.

Norwegian customers might be able to enjoy this new feature already this spring, but what cryptocurrencies will be eligible for payments has not yet been revealed. 

Crypto trading platform NBX has been launched in 2019 with a plan in mind to help airline company with new ticket payment system. The project is also believed to bring benefits for the airline itself, by cutting costs and improving the bottom line.

As Future Time previously reported, the Union of European Football Associations has announced that a total of 1,000,000 tickets for EURO 2020 will be distributed via new blockchain-based mobile ticketing system.

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