Famous transhumanist Zoltan Istvan Gyurko plans to oppose Donald Trump in the upcoming US elections, further promoting his beliefs that government should pursue the goal to transform humanity to post-human immortal species at all, or almost all, costs.

In 2016 elections, Istvan was already touring the US as a candidate in his coffin-looking “immortality bus”, trying to win electorate attention. In 2018 he was running from the Liberations Party for the governor of California. Now Istvan is running for presidency from a Republican Party.

Justifying his choice to run from a Republican Party, during the interview to Wesley Smith, Istvan shared that his views are quire conservative, referring to the fact that he advocates lower taxes, less regulation and opposed Green New Deal. Moreover, he admitted that he attempts to save transhumanism from the fervent “leftwingism” of Silicon Valley and the socialistic views.

Yet despite the fact that he publicly associate his call for transhumanism with the death horrors he witnessed in Vietnam, he believes that violence can be justified in certain circumstances, of course, if it helps the transhumanism cause. To achieve the mission to transferring humans to post human species, he proposed to amend the constitution which currently prohibits “laws interfering with citizens’ pursuit of health and longevity”.

He also proposes to give “civil rights” to “AI, conscious robots, cyborgs and genetically created sapient beings” and to lessen privacy norms, that would make possible the use of preventive high-tech surveillance systems, so “criminals are caught before they can carry out their harm”. 

Image Credit: GrayScott.com

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