Researchers from the University of Waterloo have developed a relative low-cost AI-based device that can assist breast cancer screening, without exposing millions of women to radiation.

The AI-powered device with sensors analyses microwaves from the breasts’ tissue composition and is able to detect anomalies, in case of which it advices to proceed for mammography. 

Using such divide could help save millions of women from unnecessary magnetic resonance imaging procedure, that exposes them to radiation.

However it took scientists around 15 years to develop this medical device, it costs less than $4,000 to build it. Low-cost solution can help to broaden the cancer screening to rural areas or developing countries, benefiting early detection, and therefore improving future patients outcomes, explained professor Omar Ramahi:

If women were screened regularly with this, potential problems would be caught much sooner — in the early stages of cancer. Our system can complement existing technology, reserving much more expensive options for when they’re really needed”

In the upcoming months, scientists plan preliminary tests and clinical trials to bring the device to the market.

As Future Time previously reported, AI has also surpassed human level in detecting breast cancer on mammograms as well.

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