Amazon has announced that it starts to use artificial intelligence for the customer service chatbots, reads the company blog post from February 25:

“We’ve begun testing two neural-network-based systems, one that can handle common customer service requests automatically and one that helps customer service agents respond to customers even more easily”

The company has started to phase in automated agents, due to their benefits, in comparison with previously used rule-based systems: they can “handle a broader range of interactions with better results”, reads the press release. The testing period proved that AI can closes more tickets, with the number of secondary queries being reduced.

In general, the company expects that new AI-based system with allow customer service representatives “to focus on tasks that depend more on human judgment”. And company assured that in case AI fails, the customer will be redirected to the human specialist.

The principles behind new system are described in the paper “Goal-Oriented End-to-End Conversational Models with Profile Features in a Real-World Setting”.

Amazon is widely known for their experiments with new technologies. As Future Time previously reported, in February the company filmed he robotic date, while in December it presented a novel AI system for singing synthesis based on attention.

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