Executive director of MAPS Canada Mark Haden and Birgitta Woods, the professor at the University of British Columbia, revealed a study that shows surprisingly positive health outcomes for three individuals who accidentally overdosed LSD:

“There appear to be unpredictable, positive sequelae that ranged from improvements in mental illness symptoms to reduction in physical pain and morphine withdrawal symptoms”

In the article “LSD Overdoses: Three Case Reports” published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs on February 12, researches have provided case studies details on each individual.

In one the cases, LSD overdose seemed to help a 15-year-old girl get rid of the bipolar disorder. At least, she reports that for a period over 20 years, the bipolar disorder symptoms did not come back.

In other case LSD overdose “had positive effects on pain levels and subsequent morphine withdrawal”. Additionally, the accidental LSD overdose has not reportedly caused any problems for the pregnant woman.

With the destigmatisation of the psychedelic-based treatment, researchers start for unveil the other side of the story and the business follow. As Future Time previously reported, this month the first psychedelic medicine company has applied for the IPO in Canada.

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