Santa Cruz, California became the third city in the US to decriminalize entheogenic psychoactive plants and mushrooms, joining Denver and Oakland.

In January the Santa Cruz City Council openly voted to decriminalize all entheogenic psychoactive plants and mushrooms, including peyote, iboga and psylocybin mushrooms, San Pedro, ayahuasca and other DMT containing plants, detailed news outlet Reset.

As CNN details, Council’s approval does not “doesn’t necessarily make it legal to use, possess or cultivate natural psychedelics, but it does mean that the city won’t be using resources to investigate or arrest people for doing so”.

Moreover, unlike Denver and Oakland, they excluded the “cultivation” from the list of law enforcement priorities, with an argument of shielding citizens from black market and private companies, who can sell products for excessive profit, shared Santa Cruz City:

“With possession and use being inserted without cultivation, that actually encourages the black market because there’s nowhere else to get it except from the black market…People know exactly what they’re taking and so they don’t have to worry about anything potentially being laced.  If people are cultivating it themselves, they know exactly what they’re producing, exactly what they’re taking”

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