Tim Draper has bought $1 million worth of ANT tokens of the decentralized Aragon Court that claims to disrupt traditional court system, reported Forbes on February 26.

Founded in 2016 by Luis Guende and Jorge Inquirdo, Aragon Court was launched with the blog post from February 10. In parallel, digital court platform started the “precedence campaign” with a goal “to test and build confidence in the protocol by running a series of mock disputes that were either completely fabricated or took inspiration from real-world events in the public domain”.

The first trial court session was run on the Ethereum Classic developer case Yaz Khoury, who shared later on his Twitter page that he did not consent to his name being used by the Aragon Court.

As a result, Aragon has officially apologized to Yaz Khoury and Gitcoin for mentioning  “without their previous consent” and removed all related content.

On the other side, according to the Aragon Association Executive Director Luis Cuende, Draper made his investment exactly after seeing this trial court go live. 

Aragon Court is a decentralized online dispute system marketed as “efficient, borderless, and secure dispute resolution protocol for the Internet era”, where everyone with sufficient amount of tokens can become a juror.

Now Tim Draper owns the majority of all Aragon tokens, that, according to some blockchain community member, make him “a governance whale”, who can influence the court outcomes, due to flows in blockchain voting system.

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