This year Child Health Technology Conference has among guests Dom Raban’s gaming platform Xploro that helps children reduce procedural anxiety, using augmented reality, gameplay, and artificial intelligence.

Don Raban, managing director of the Corporation Pop, came up with the idea to create Xploro with a goal to “deliver information to children in an age-appropriate way”, after the hospitalisation of this 13-year daughter, when, as he stated during the interview to MobiHealthNews, she “had virtually no information” about the treatment.

By combining AR and AI in the gaming platform, Xploro aims to provide children with necessary information on what is happening with them in a fun way, which results in reduced level of anxiety and higher level of satisfaction.

Additionally, the app helps to monitor the mood of the young patient in relation to clinical events. While children can be resistant to necessary treatment, using gaming platform shows that better understanding helps them understand the importance of timely procedures.

The clinical trials held by Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on 80 children has proven “significant reduction in procedural anxiety as well as statistically significant increases in patient satisfaction and knowledge about procedures”, reads the webpage.

The application has been developed by the UK-based company Corporation Pop, in cooperation with such charity organisations, as CLIC Sargent, Bone Cancer Research Trust and Cancer Research UK. The platform started from children with cancer in the UK, but according to the webpage, in future it plans to help patients with any condition all over the world.

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