During the DAO Consensus Event, Future Time had a chance to interview the Bridge’s executives – CEO Suttipong Sukkasem and strategic partner Neil Callard who strive to connect Forex and blockchain markets with their blockchain solution, using Artificial Intelligence.

Bridge is the ecosystem with the digital currency based on Stellar blockchain technology that will serve as an intermediary to exchange capital, instead of the conventional direct transfer model, while mitigating risk and lower fee cost and the payment gateway for the Forex industry.

Regarding the general company mission, Bridge’s CEO Suttipong Sukkasem shared that the company is building a bridge to connect crypto and securities trading. Neil Callard, who has an extensive background in large financial institutions, including Fuji Bank, Bank of America, Toronto Dominion and Mellon Bank detailed that Bridge is solving the main forex industry pain by connecting it to blockchain:

“One of the things that is a real bug bearer for most of the forex industry is that in certain jurisdictions, it’s extremely difficult to place deposits and withdrawals, and by using crypto, we take advantage of Stellar blockchain, and we have that beautiful transparency and the wonderful lightning-fast transaction”

Building bridges in the new areas requires new technologies, and Bridge uses Artificial Intelligence “to do research and market analysis” for determining price rates, shared Bridge’s strategic partner: 

“So we use AI technology to do research and market analysis, and based upon that outcome, we place rates according to the research that the AIs are doing. So we don’t have the AIs execute the orders. We as human, our team executes the orders for the clients, so it would be controlled to two-tiered”

Geographically, Neil Callard sees a huge market potential in Thailand, where traders are getting more “educated smarter and canny in the way they place money, and who they place it with”, especially given the positive trends in Thai regulative environment:

“I believe that Thai market, right now it is getting a little bit more friendly in terms of regulation. But not that catching up ahead with those country nations like Singapore, they are getting too far ahead… But now we are getting closer to them in terms of the the same standard of regulation, because right now we have couple exchanges so far, like 2 to 3 exchanges, and more coming, and also the ICO portal” 

But the company ambitions are to become a global company for foreign exchange traders who are very keen to have superb support” with its 3-tier ecosystem: One PRIME, One PAMM, and OneClickCopyTrade, continued Neil Callard:

“We have created an ecosystem of three different platforms, so we can have a platform for everybody. If you’re a regular trader you are going to use an AI, then – the One PRIME. If you want a copy trade we have OneClickCopyTrade which can actually link various brokers together, and they can follow the best traders. And we have One PAMM.. where the AI finds the signal to trade, and the trader, the professional trader then executes the order”

Bridge executive also shared that the company token will be listed on two well-known platforms and launch these three platforms after the end of the crowdfunding, which is scheduled for the end of April, detailed Neil Callard:

“We are going to be listed on two platforms that are very well known, P2PB2B and Shortex. After listing, we will launch all these platforms, so our investors can come in and deposit their BDs, their tokens, with us, and we can convert those into a US based currency for trading”

This year Bridge, apart from launching an exchange, also plans to launch “a blockchain wallet to store the BDs”, company tokens, and issue a crypto debit card.

The team is already an international one. Among more than 50 Bridge employees and executives there are experts from Thailand, Cyprus, Singapore, Cambodia led by Suttipong with years of experience in the forex markets in Thailand and Singapore.

Link: bridgecoin.io