Chinese tech giant Alibaba research arm has developed AI-powered diagnostic system that can detect coronavirus by reading computerized tomography scans with 96% accuracy rate, reported Nikkei Asia.

The researchers from Alibaba’s research institute Damo Academy has reportedly trained the AI model on data sets containing more than 5,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. As a result, AI model has shown accuracy level of 96%, while differentiating scans with ordinary viral pneumonia and coronavirus.

Automating computerized tomography scan analyses could save a substantial amount of time in hospitals, in the midst of virus outbreak, given the fact that it takes AI only 20 seconds to analyse all scans for one patient.

Qiboshan Hospital in Zhengzhou was the first hospital to be able to take advantage of new AI system, that eventually will be adopted in more than 100 hospitals in China, shared Alibaba’s representative.

As Future Time previously reported, Chinese hospitals also received disinfection and medical delivery robots, after the government proposed to the business tech sector to cooperate in reducing the virus potential damage.

Also Shenzhen-based Kuang-Chi Technology has provided AI-powered smart helmets to help Chinese police and epidemic units to screen citizen for fever.

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