Startup Velabs Therapeutics based in Heidelberg is working on developing anti-aged drugs Senolytics, planning to destroy senescent cells, that are also called “hallmarks of ageing”, with the antibodies.

The company aims to develop drugs to cure linked to the ageing diseases, like dementia, or macular degeneration. To fulfil the mission, company is developing the antibodies to destroy senescent cells, shared CEO of Velabs Therapeutics Christoph Antz.

While some other companies are developing small molecule drugs, Velabs might be the only one to developing antibodies, which allow to target only old cells, without damaging the new ones, explained the CEO:

One of the Holy Grails I think is to have precise surface markers that you can use for a targeted approach

This year Velabs Therapeutics has already signed a licensing deal with German biotech company Alytas Therapeutics, that could help to bring the concept further, shared Antz.

In the annual list of breakthrough technologies, MIT Technology Review shared that they expect anti-aging drugs called Senolytics, which now already undergo clinical tests on humans, to hit the market in less than 5 years.

Image credit: Velabs Therapeutics  via Labiotech

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