HealthMap is now updating its coronavirus spread map in real time, using artificial intelligence, reported Wall Street Journal on March 5.

Co-founder of HealthMap John Brownstein shared that since other coronavirus maps update their data once a day, the team felt that there is a demand for real-time information “about what’s happening and the pace of the epidemic”.

Founded in 2006, HealthMap uses natural language processing to analyse all sorts of data inputs: from government reports to news reports and social media, – and predict the virus spread. Real-time data on confirmed cases is being automatically visualised as a map with the software mapping program Mapbox.

Additionally, HealthMap’s coronavirus working group is currently working on detailing the data sets, inquiring information on symptoms, gender, age etc, to provide more deep insights into the virus outbreak, shared John Brownstein.

As Future Time previously reported, HedgeChatter’s AI algorithm predicted that Coronavirus could infect 2.5 billion people and kill 52.9 million in next months, if the pandemic were to spread without any safety measures, which were luckily taken. According to data analysts from Russia, coronavirus is more dangerous than a regular season fly only for people, staying in the virus epicentre.

Image Credit: HealthMap

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