Photography art and transhumanism met in the project “I Want To Believe – an exploration of transhumanism” that has been documenting cyborgs and biohackers all over the world for a period over 5 years and is heading to its culmination.

On their Kickstarter campaign, London-based photographers Gem Fletcher and David Vintiner promise to deliver their book on five-year journey to photography series, sharing the lives of people who expanded their abilities with new wearable technologies:

“Fascinated by Transhumanism and its implications for the future, we began a five-year journey documenting the movement around the globe, and now is the time to share our work in a book to elevate, record, and define the stories and progress we’ve seen”

The project “demonstrates how optimizing our brains and bodies could revolutionize and redefine humanity” explain artists, highlighting that the future is only bound by the imagination of “human architects” and raising philosophical questions:

“Humans are now gods. We are now able to create and design humans, but do humans have the foresight to do it in the right way?”

Among biohackers project features Neil Harbisson, who implanted the antenna into his skull to “hear colours”, Kevin Warrick with a robotic hand, James Young with a robotic leg and a hand, “eyeborg” Rob Spence, Moon Ribas with seismic perception abilities, as well as transhumanism experts Dr Natasha Vita-More, Dr Aubrey de Grey, Liz Parrish, and Dr Max More.

The project that was inspired by he London Futurist Meetups has been already elected for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, shares the project page. According to Design boom, it is “the first-ever survey of transhumanism”.

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