Israeli startup Hailo has attracted $60 million of funding with its new deep learning chip technology, reported Tech Crunch on March 5.

Innovative architecture of its deep learning chip allow it to run faster and more efficient – according to the company, it will run on 26 tero operations per second in performance, that is more that other cutting edge processors.

After this funding round, the total funding in Hailo reached $88 million, that the company plans to allocate for the Hailo-8 Deep Learning chip roll out and market expansion, shared the company:

“The new funding will help us expedite the deployment of new levels of edge computing capabilities in smart devices and intelligent industries around the world, including areas such as mobility, smart cities, industrial automation, smart retail and beyond”

As Future Time previously reported, in January, what earlier seemed a dead end of hardware development – huge chips – helped Cerebras Systems solve their clients’ deep learning bottleneck problems, allowing to train AI in hours instead of weeks.

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