On the International Women’s Day, Denelle Dixon, CEO of Stellar Development Foundation and ex-COO of Mozilla, shared in the opinion piece on Coindesk that blockchain can positively contribute to gender equality, by providing financial inclusion for women:

“By using blockchain to create a more accessible and open financial system, we can empower people, especially those left out or underserved by today’s infrastructure. That means using blockchain to empower some of the most financially marginalized – women”

Dixon argues that even now women “are disproportionately excluded from the existing financial system”, and blockchain can help solve the problem:

“At scale, blockchain removes borders, creates openness, ensures interoperability with the formal financial system, and includes even informal financial networks like those typically used by under-banked women”

Blockchain offers efficiency and money saving benefits for cross-border payments, half of which is being send by women migrant workers, shares Dixon.

But more importantly, blockchain “is in many respects about ownership and control over the money and value in your possession”, that empowers financial independence, from what comes the “power to make their own decisions”, argues Dixon, adding that equal access for all marginalised populations if the core mission of the Stellar Development Foundation:

“We are committed to proving that blockchain will unlock financial inclusion and empower economic participation for women and the world. Collectively, we can make this happen”

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