Israeli office has employed AI for International Women’s Day to advise women on their career paths, reported The Times of Israel on March 9.

The project “AI for Women” was initiated by Bella Abrahams at Intel with a goal to promote gender equality at the workplace:

“We looked for a way to leverage Intel’s technology to influence and do something better for gender equality”

For the project, Intel’s AI engineers have created the database with career tips from thousands of employees with different backgrounds, including CEO of Microsoft Israel Ronit Adad and CEO of the Israeli Women’s Lobby Michal Gera Margaliot.

Then the team has employed AI to analyse the data and determine the key tips for women that start their professional careers, by using three algorithms, that can analyse both quality and quantity data, detailed Bella Abrahams.

As a result, AI reached to the following tips: it advices women to put first investments in career development, work on self confidence and fearlessness, create the support circle with mentors and collaborators, strive for work-love balance, and to trust and use the intuition.

As Future Time previously reported, also on the International Women’s Day, Denelle Dixon, CEO of Stellar Development Foundation, shared that blockchain can positively contribute to gender equality, by providing financial inclusion for women.

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