Chinese researchers have developed new medical robots to work on the frontline, during the virus outbreak, reported Reuters on March 5.

Medical robot can perform tasks that are usually performed by frontline doctors, like listening to the organs with stethoscope, checking the mount, or completing ultrasound diagnostics.

During the virus outbreak, when “the virus is just too contagious”, robots can perform “the most dangerous tasks”, without putting doctors at risk, who are usually in shortage during epidemics, explained Zheng Gangtie, the robot’s chief designer from Tsinghua University.

To construct the autonomous robotic solution, Zheng’s team used technologies that were previously applied in space missions. After incorporating the doctors’ feedback, researchers made the robots less autonomous, so the doctors could still calm the patients with their presence.

Now the robotic solution is being tested in Beijing hospitals and Wuhan Union Hospital. Researchers plan to employ more robots to assist nurses and doctors in their ward rounds around the country.

Technology is of critical use during epidemics. In China disinfection and medical delivery robots are being deployed to combat coronavirus outbreak. 

As Future Time previously reported, DeepMind, Google’s AI unit, has openly released the AI-generated structure predictions of coronavirus “to contribute to the scientific effort” in stopping the virus spread.

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