Fast Company has published the list of “The 10 most innovative artificial intelligence companies of 2020”, that are already “pushing the Art of AI forward” in hardware, marketing, sales, medicine, utilities and finance.

The title of the most innovative AI company of 2020, per Fast Company, went to the British startup Graphcore for their Intelligence Processing Unit that significantly reduces computational time. Another processor manufacturer Syntiant, known for their small low-power chips, has also made it to the list.

The 2nd, 3rd and 6th places are occupied by companies that help companies with marketing and after-sales experience: Persado uses AI to create marketing messages for clients like JPMorgan Chase, Liveperson employs technology to increase customer-service agents efficiency, and Hive brings “savvy to measuring the value of TV advertising and sponsorship”.

The 4th most innovative company, medical startup VIZ.AI has created a program to optimize care for patients with strokes.

Creativity fields are once again proven not to be immune to optimisation by AI: Nvidia’s GauGAN, or “AI paintbrush”  is being reportedly used by “art directors and concept artists  from top film studios and video-game companies”.

In the spirit of reducing waste in water management, Wint’s AI algorithm helps to identify leaks in water supply systems. Another startup Interactions uses AI to make sure restaurants can manage complex delivery orders, helping to reduce food waste and financial losses.

Speaking about finances, with automated financial support on the rise, the list of the most innovative companies could not go without one fintech startup. In this case, it is Kasisto that serves as “AI brains behind virtual assistants offered by banks and other financial institutions”. 

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