Norway salmon farm has tested underwater robots, Argus Mini and U-CAT, arriving to conclusion that robotic solutions stress out fish much less, than human divers, reported New Scientist on March 11.

Maarja Kruusmaa at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has highlighted that finding less stressful for the fish solutions is not only the matter of ethics, but can increase the efficiency of the whole salmon farm:

“The happier the fish are, the healthier the fish are, the better they eat, the better they grow, the less parasites they have and the less they get sick”

Finding right robotic solutions, without overdoing it, is another important aspect of researchers work. By measuring such stress indicators, as how fast the fish bits the tails, Kruusmaa and her team has concluded that only one thing that matters is the small size of the robot:

“You can make a very complicated robot that’s extremely quiet and has a smiley face and speaks fish language, but that would be hugely costly and the fish don’t seem to care”

Automated fish farming solutions can hugely benefit the market, but putting less stress to the inhabitants seems to be a concern of many biological studies as well.

As Future Time previously reported, Marine biologists have also tested a new robotic technology “soft robotic linguine fingers” that proves to be much gentler capture mechanism for all types of creatures.

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