Press freedom NGO Reporters Without Borders has opened the “The Uncensored Library” of independent journalists articles that were censored by governments, within video game Minecraft, reported NGO in the press release from Match 11:

“On March 12 – the World Day Against Cyber Censorship – the Uncensored Library will open its doors, giving young people around the world access to independent information, through a medium they can playfully interact with. The campaign runs under the hashtag: #TruthFindsAWay “

While in many countries news outlets, websites, and even blogs are censored, Minecraft is still available. By using one of the most popular games as a platform for free press, Reporters Without Borders hope to provide all youth with access to free independent press:

“The end goal is to empower the next generation to stand up for their rights to information and to give them a powerful tool to fight oppressive leaders: knowledge”

The Uncensored Library was build over 3 months by Reporters Without Borders in collaboration with design studio BlockWorks and the production company MediaMonks. “Internationally acclaimed journalists like Nguyen Van Dai and Yulia Berezovskaia” support the project, shared NGO.

The library is open to all Minecraft players via server address

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Image credit: RSF

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