One of the branches of Russian Internet watchdog has placed a contractor bid to research opportunities to block such protocols like TOR and Telegram Open Network, reported local outlet Forklog on March 10.

The posted document suggests that government seeks to research internet technologies beyond traditional internet protocols, that can be used for anonymous networks: mesh networks, Telegram Open Network, Invisible Internet Project (I2P), The Onion Router (TOR), Freenet, Zeronet, anoNet.

According to the co-founder of Russian NGO focused on freedom of information “Roskomsvoboda” Artem Kozlyuk, this research could be commissioned as part of the “sovereign runet”, or Russian Internet, project. 

Since such technologies can not be easily blocked or hacked, Russian watchdog is looking for the ways to build hardware and software systems tasked to filter the traffic, or worsen the signal, if it is feasible, explained Kozlyuk.

Whether such measures are feasible remain unknown with some experts claiming that there is no such thing as an unhackable system. According to TON white paper, no government or state would be able to block the network, once it is launched.

As Future Time previously reported, Press freedom NGO Reporters Without Borders has opened the “The Uncensored Library” of independent journalists articles that were censored by governments, within video game Minecraft.

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