US Navy has revealed a project of robotic AI-powered Boeing submarine CLAWS that can potentially activate weapons without human intervention, reported New Scientist.

In the 2020 US Department of Defence budget documents, CLAWS is described as “autonomous undersea weapon system” to “increase mission areas into kinetic effects” for top secret operations.

The project is run by the Office of Naval Research that reportedly plans to make autonomous submarine ready for deployment by 2023.

Undersea weapon is described as equipped with AI and sensors that will allow submarine to evade anti-submarine systems and activate weapons, but details are scarce.

Earlier, in February US Army revealed plans to deploy AI for alerting soldiers of incoming threats but back then humans were planned to remain in control of all operations.

As Future Time previously reported, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) completed the first-stage virtual testing of advanced AI algorithms designed for conducting air combat maneuvering. Also in January the UK Ministry of Defence has announced the first wave of £4 million funding to AI warship contracts.

Image credit: New Scientist

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