The first potential vaccine against coronavirus developed by biotech startup Moderna is ready to be tested on humans, reported Business Insider.

Moderna has manufactured the vaccine in a period of just 25 days: according to the company’s filing to SEC, the vaccine was ready on February 7.

Since researchers are opting to fast track testing, even with skipping the critical step of animal tests, biomedical ethicist called the decision “unwise”, reported Live Science on March 12.

The clinical tests can still take a lot of time, and there is also risk of non-approval. Yet, in the interview to Business Insider, the CEO of Moderna Stephane Bancel pledged to keep the future price for vaccine shot reasonable. 

In comparison, the vaccine against pneumonia Prevnar 13 costs about $800 for 4 shots, and despite the fact that it is a “very close type of lung infection”, Bancel shared that he does not see the company “pricing at that level”, given the public health risks.

Other companies, like Johnson & Johnson or Inovio, are developing vaccines as well. Inovio, that relies on injecting synthetic DNA, promised to start first trials in April.

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