IBM has upgraded its supercomputer Watson, known for defeating human champions in the show Jeopardy! over a decade ago, with new Natural Language Processing capabilities.

New “advanced sentiment analysis” feature helps Watson to understand the most challenging aspects of the English language – idioms and colloquialisms, like “hardly helpful” or “over the moon”.

The upgraded version of famous Watson computer “is the only AI system capable of debating humans on complex topics”, and the first case of scaled commercialisation of natural language processing, shared the company in the press release.

According to the general manager at IBM Data and AI Rob Thomas, this advancement “will help transform how businesses utilise their intellectual capital that is codified in data”.

IBM has added that businesses will be able to exploit new capacities in four main areas: advanced sentiment analysis for example for AI-powered customer care services, summarisation, advanced topic clustering, and customisable classification of elements of business documents.

Also on March 12, IBM Watson Health has announced that the organization teams up with the EBSCO Information Services for better healthcare-focused services. According to Todd Nolen at IBM Watson, the move will eventually help improve patients outcomes:

“We believe DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson can deliver value and innovation to healthcare organizations, to help enable rapid access to high-quality medical evidence that is essential for clinicians as they work to provide safe and effective patient care within their clinical workflow”

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