The startup, thanks to which the Hempfy tonic (“Hempfy”) was created, is somewhat reminiscent of the story with legendary Coke. The difference being that instead of coca leaves cannabis leaves were used as basis for all the products. The reputation of the forbidden plant, however, did not stop the drink, but added a pinch of a scandalous appeal to it. At the same time, you can be sure that all products under the Hempfy brand are absolutely legal and harmless. Today there are already four types of 100% natural products – iced tea, sparkling wine, a tonic with different flavors, and even organic chewing gum

While cola producers are struggling for supremacy in the global market, Hempfy is confidently conquering Europe. In its native Switzerland, Hempfy’s tonic successfully competes with well-known brands – the Swiss consider it one hundred percent their own and eagerly prefer it to other overseas drinks. The strategic plans are to occupy priority white space counters in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. However, even today it is a recognizable drink with a cannabis leaf on the label in the trend of popularity of the so-called functional superfoods in Europe and is sold in large online networks Coop, REWE, EDEKA and Amazon. This year, sales will begin in the United States. The success is rapid, given that their startup was born just 3 years ago, in 2017

Konstantin Marakhov: Initially, we decided for ourselves that the entire range of Hempfy’s products would be completely harmless and safe in terms of consumption and law. Moreover, at that time I was working in the food industry and was engaged in functional foods and dietary supplements. Therefore, I wanted to create something that would unite my skills in this area and become something fundamentally new, revolutionary. I understood that the future lies with neutroseuticalsat the combination of healthy nutrition and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, cannabis, as a plant product, turned out to be rich in valuable proteins and contains, for example, all nine of the most valuable amino acids for humans.

Indeed, cannabis is a plant with a story. Ukraine, by the way, has traditionally been the leader in the sale of hemp in the world. The ropes and tackle of the ships consisted of Russian hemp. From the medical point of view – the plant is just as unique. It contains more than 100 chemical compounds that affect the human nervous system and improve memory and overall brain function. Now, thanks to science, the attitude to hemp in society is gradually changing – today it is used to make drugs that reduce stress, and even help fight cancer

We decided that, thanks to my knowledge of the technology, that we could extract all the useful trace elements from the leaves and create drinks based on this infusion. The starting product – tonic was shelf ready within one year. Now we are a vertically integrated company, which means that we run the entire production cycle – from growing crops to advertising. We have unique experience in storing quality organic raw materials. Thanks to one of our partners, we received a special “diet” raw material, that is, completely free of tetrahydrocannabinol, the intoxicating substance of marijuana, whose market is strictly regulated.

The entire line of Hempfy is, first of all, a everyday goods, the so-called lifestyle products. A trademark created by and for young people. However, this is not the case when the manufacturer is ready to attach a hemp icon for hype, sometimes this can turn customers away.

Some expect the usual taste and smell of recreational cannabis from our product. It’s more important for us that this resemblance is delicate. We try to educate the consumer, by cooperating with organizations and laboratories researching the beneficial properties of hemp. Soon, a special QR code will appear on the Hempfy labels, through which you can find out all the details about the beneficial properties of this wonderful plant

Hempfy’s new revolutionary invention is hemp infused wine.

Unlike traditional wine, the alcohol content of the drink is only 7%. Premium Swiss wine and a herbal elixir make up the base of the beverage. The manufacturing technology is quite complicated – the wine goes through additional purification and gets a unique flavor combination. It is clear that such a drink cannot be cheap – on sale it is positioned in the category of premium champagne.

In addition to the niche of natural drinks, the most important strategic task for Hempfy today is to become a brand of recognizable superfoods. In the near future, a wide range of healthy food products will be launched under the brand.

Now Hempfy is a leading brand in Switzerland, the company’s capitalization is growing steadily, partially thanks to the state program for supporting startups. All this allows the Hempfy team to be optimistic about the future.

Humanity is aspiring to a healthy image, massively abandoning sweet soda, which may well leave legendary drinks based on sugar and coca leaves in the past and take a green bottle of Hempfy with them in the future.