During the international conference Blockchain Wave in Antalya, experts in marketing, PR, and advertising from the agency AMRIS.MEDIA revealed secrets of successful promotion of projects connected to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Marketing and PR strategies of the startups in the cryptocurrency field demand the ultra-precise tuneup that takes into account the current realities and a number of aspects in user management. The AMRIS.MEDIA representatives shared the latest trends in promoting companies in the crypto sphere drawing on the example of the work with a blockchain ecosystem UMI that develops a decentralized financial instrument for instant transfers and offers based on smart contract staking.

“The promotion of cryptocurrencies projects has its specifics that need to be accounted for during the market entry. We are happy to share our unique experiences that we acquired during the years of working with startups in the digital assets market,” – shared the AMRIS.MEDIA founder Andrey Kornilov.

The Blockchain Wave was held in Antalya on April 8. The event was organized in a new lounge style with a focus on one-to-one networking and public discussions. Hundreds of representatives of the crypto startups, trading platforms, developers teams, investors, marketing experts, and a broad range of specialists in the blockchain field discussed the crypto industry trends in a pleasant resort setting and celebrated at the theme costume party Crypto Kombat.

The conference organizers – Centex platform and Lead Volume agency – succeeded in bringing together a couple of hundreds of guests from different countries despite the current global difficulties of the pandemic times. The Antalya coast welcomed experts from the US, Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. During the conference, driven by the effectively organized setting for networking, deals were closed for millions of dollars, part of which will be invested into the Turkish economy and local startups.