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AI Can Ease Asset Separation in Divorces 

Australian Federal Court is testing how artificial intelligence can assist in automating divorce procedures. Divorces can be very expensive and time consuming, given the painful process of dividing the assets equally, taking into account such complications, as the parental leave. The project manager for a…


Robotic Snake To Rescue Humans 

John Hopkins University researchers have developed a robotic snake to assist rescue missions after such disasters as earthquakes. In the article “Robotic modelling of snake traversing large, smooth obstacles reveals stability benefits of body compliance” published in The Royal Society journal on February 19, scientists…


Japan Discovers Orange-based CBD 

Japanese company Hiro International has presented cannabidiol oil produced from orange peels. According to the company, CBD oil made from oranges is identical to traditional hemp-based CBD oil, but has a huge advantage – it can never contain THC component that can be sometimes found…