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AI Maps Out Real-Time Coronavirus Data 

HealthMap is now updating its coronavirus spread map in real time, using artificial intelligence, reported Wall Street Journal on March 5. Co-founder of HealthMap John Brownstein shared that since other coronavirus maps update their data once a day, the team felt that there is a…


Autonomous Ship To Cross Atlantic 

IBM and Promara will perform first trials of their AI-powered fully autonomous Ship Mayflower, which is set to cross Atlantic Ocean without human intervention in September. September mission aims to set the first crewless ship on the historical route across Atlantic Ocean, on which the…


India Lightens Crypto Regulations 

The Supreme Court of India has lifted restrictions for providing financial and banking services to cryptocurrency sector, imposed by Indian central bank, reported Live Law on March 4. The 2018 Reserve Bank of India’s ban prohibited financial institutions to provide services to cryptocurrency-related enterprises, like…