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AI Can Ease Asset Separation in Divorces 

Australian Federal Court is testing how artificial intelligence can assist in automating divorce procedures. Divorces can be very expensive and time consuming, given the painful process of dividing the assets equally, taking into account such complications, as the parental leave. The project manager for a…


AI Can Update Wikipedia 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are training AI to “update factual inconsistencies in Wikipedia articles”, reported MIT News on February 12: “In a paper being presented at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the researchers describe a text-generating system that pinpoints and replaces specific information…


AI Predicts What Will Happen in 2020 

The Economist editorial team supplemented their 2020 projections with AI input this year, by interviewing GPT-2 model. While the “world is full of disruptive technologies with real and potentially huge global impacts”, the most important, in the algorithm’s “opinion”, is predictably Artificial Intelligence. Answering to…