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AI Maps Out Real-Time Coronavirus Data 

HealthMap is now updating its coronavirus spread map in real time, using artificial intelligence, reported Wall Street Journal on March 5. Co-founder of HealthMap John Brownstein shared that since other coronavirus maps update their data once a day, the team felt that there is a…


Autonomous Ship To Cross Atlantic 

IBM and Promara will perform first trials of their AI-powered fully autonomous Ship Mayflower, which is set to cross Atlantic Ocean without human intervention in September. September mission aims to set the first crewless ship on the historical route across Atlantic Ocean, on which the…


AI To Increase Efficiency Of Sleep Medicine 

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) shared research results, stating that AI-powered data analysis has a potential to  increase efficiency and precision of sleep medicine, shared the organization in the press release on March 2: “Combined with other sources of health data, AI is expected…


AI Helps Track Tour de France Cyclists 

Official technology partner of Tour de France has won the B2B annual marketing award on Marketing Week with outstanding results, derived from using such technologies like AI, during the global cycling promo campaign. Unlike tennis tournaments and football matches, cycling events historically have not enjoyed…


China Uses AI To Predict Earthquakes Damage 

Chinese AI algorithm developed by University of Science and Technology of China and China Earthquake Administration has successfully undergone the trial period and will be used in monitoring earthquakes in China, reported local outlet Xinhua on March 4. AI-powered earthquake monitoring system will be implemented…


Google Robot Taught Itself to Walk 

Google researchers have presented a robot that taught itself to walk with deep reinforcement learning, reported MIT Technology review on March 2. In the article “Learning to Walk in the Real World with Minimal Human Effort” Google researchers shared that deep reinforcement learning, that is…


Alibaba Develops AI System To Detect Coronavirus 

Chinese tech giant Alibaba research arm has developed AI-powered diagnostic system that can detect coronavirus by reading computerized tomography scans with 96% accuracy rate, reported Nikkei Asia. The researchers from Alibaba’s research institute Damo Academy has reportedly trained the AI model on data sets containing…


IKEA Implements AI To Manage Returns 

IKEA has started to use AI-enhanced platform developed by Optoro Inc. to manage returns in 50 of its US locations, reported WSJ on March 2. New AI-powered system integrates other retail management software in order to identify the optimum destination for the returned items. Based…