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Musicians Open Every Possible MIDI Melody Combination 

Two musicians fight for creative freedom and against copyright lawsuits by copyrighting every possible MIDI melody combination. Programmer-musician and copyright attorney Damien Riehl and musician-programmer Noah Rubin, have developed an algorithm that recorded every possible 8-note, 12-beat melody combination. After they have algorithmically identified that…


AI Expands Breast Cancer Screening 

Researchers from the University of Waterloo have developed a relative low-cost AI-based device that can assist breast cancer screening, without exposing millions of women to radiation. The AI-powered device with sensors analyses microwaves from the breasts’ tissue composition and is able to detect anomalies, in…


Elon Musks Speaks For AI Regulations 

All organizations that develop “advanced AI should be regulated, including Tesla”, both by governments and on a global scale, shared Elon Musk on his Twitter page. The tweet came as the response to the article on how “competitive pressure eroded” transparency missing in the leading…