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John McAfee Cracks Down on Bitcoin 

Antivirus tycoon John McAfee continues throwing around controversial statements about crypto. Once a keen Bitcoin supporter, now he suddenly turns his rhetoric against the world’s first cryptocurrency, calling it “true shitcoin” and “old” technology”. Few months ago, McAfee promised to “eat his own dick” if…


Taking Back Control With Search 

Author: Simanovsky Sergey, ecosystem development lead at cyber~Congress Post-industrialism is heading towards its end. With everyday past and never-ending technological progress, humanity is getting closer and closer to entering the digital age. One of the main questions that remain unanswered is “who will control the…


From High-Yield to High-Minded: Global Sustainability Trend Steers Investors Towards Socially Responsible Investing 

Experts capture the growth of investor interest in socially responsible investments (SRI) – investments in securities of companies that allegedly work for the good of the environment and society. What makes such investments interesting? Investments based on social, ethical and environmental criteria have increased significantly…