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Robots Stress Out Fish Less Than Humans 

Norway salmon farm has tested underwater robots, Argus Mini and U-CAT, arriving to conclusion that robotic solutions stress out fish much less, than human divers, reported New Scientist on March 11. Maarja Kruusmaa at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has highlighted that finding…


MIT Teaches Robots To Learn From Humans 

MIT researchers have develop a system that allows robots to learn by observing humans, reported MIT News on March 5. While the most popular approach in training robots is reinforcement learning, which is like a trial-and-error, MIT system uses “linear temporal logic” that enables robots…


Google Robot Taught Itself to Walk 

Google researchers have presented a robot that taught itself to walk with deep reinforcement learning, reported MIT Technology review on March 2. In the article “Learning to Walk in the Real World with Minimal Human Effort” Google researchers shared that deep reinforcement learning, that is…