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Is The Universe Conscious? 

Scientists are doubling down on a peculiar model that attempts to quantify and measure consciousness. The model, known as Integrated Information Theory (IIT), has long been controversial because it comes with an unusual quirk. When applied to non-living things like machines, subatomic particles, and even the universe,…


AI Helps Solve Persepolis Mysteries 

Scientists at the University of Chicago revealed that they deploy AI to translate the records on ancient clay tablets, found by archeologists in the ancient city of Persepolis in the 1930s, reported university on March 11. University Oriental Institute and Department of Computer Science are…


MIT: AI Could Help Battle Next Pandemic 

Current AI systems deployed to combat coronavirus AI are still in development and “hype outstrips the reality”, but this pandemic can change the AI landscape, shared MIT Technology review: “So here’s a reality check: AI will not save us from the coronavirus—certainly not this time….