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AI Helps Solve Persepolis Mysteries 

Scientists at the University of Chicago revealed that they deploy AI to translate the records on ancient clay tablets, found by archeologists in the ancient city of Persepolis in the 1930s, reported university on March 11. University Oriental Institute and Department of Computer Science are…


MIT: AI Could Help Battle Next Pandemic 

Current AI systems deployed to combat coronavirus AI are still in development and “hype outstrips the reality”, but this pandemic can change the AI landscape, shared MIT Technology review: “So here’s a reality check: AI will not save us from the coronavirus—certainly not this time….


US Navy Develops Autonomous Submarine Weapon 

US Navy has revealed a project of robotic AI-powered Boeing submarine CLAWS that can potentially activate weapons without human intervention, reported New Scientist. In the 2020 US Department of Defence budget documents, CLAWS is described as “autonomous undersea weapon system” to “increase mission areas into…


How AI Shapes The World of Journalism 

Creative professions were once thought to be immune to being optimised by the AI technologies, but it is no longer the case. In the same manner as concept artists from film studios and video-game companies are using Nvidia’s GauGAN, or “AI paintbrush”, news outlets and…


AI Maps Out Real-Time Coronavirus Data 

HealthMap is now updating its coronavirus spread map in real time, using artificial intelligence, reported Wall Street Journal on March 5. Co-founder of HealthMap John Brownstein shared that since other coronavirus maps update their data once a day, the team felt that there is a…