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AI Predicts What Will Happen in 2020 

The Economist editorial team supplemented their 2020 projections with AI input this year, by interviewing GPT-2 model. While the “world is full of disruptive technologies with real and potentially huge global impacts”, the most important, in the algorithm’s “opinion”, is predictably Artificial Intelligence. Answering to…


Robots Help Humans to Combat Coronavirus 

Disinfection and medical delivery robots are being deployed in China to combat coronavirus outbreak, reported local news outlet Xinhua Net. More than 30 disinfection robots created by Shanghai enterprise TMiRob are currently working in the major hospitals in Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak. According…


AI Masters Creative Story Telling 

Engineers from Georgia Institute of Technology, with US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency support, have created a story telling AI algorithm Scheherazade that do not rely on “a priori defined domain models about fictional worlds” like characters, their actions, or places, but creates stories “in…