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AI Masters Creative Story Telling 

Engineers from Georgia Institute of Technology, with US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency support, have created a story telling AI algorithm Scheherazade that do not rely on “a priori defined domain models about fictional worlds” like characters, their actions, or places, but creates stories “in…


AI Predicts 53M Deaths to Coronavirus 

AI algorithm predicts that Coronavirus could infect 2.5 billion people and kill 52.9 million within 45 days, but luckily the system might be wrong, reported Forbes on February 5. The current model built by James Ross, co-founder of HedgeChatter, estimates global reach of infections. The…


AI Aims to Create Zero Waste World 

Canadian company Intuitive AI has collected the world’s largest garbage dataset WasteNet and has developed AI trash-sorting technology, that can verbally let people know about their mistakes. Image-detection based AI dubbed Oscar recognises objects in the human hands, helps to identify the right bin for…