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First Microsurgery Robot Passes Tests on Humans 

Netherlands-based research team from the Maastricht University Medical Center, in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology and MicroSure, has created and successfully tested on humans the first robot, specifically designed for supermicrosurgery MUSA. In the article “First-in-human robotic supermicrosurgery using a dedicated microsurgical robot for…


Robots Help Humans to Combat Coronavirus 

Disinfection and medical delivery robots are being deployed in China to combat coronavirus outbreak, reported local news outlet Xinhua Net. More than 30 disinfection robots created by Shanghai enterprise TMiRob are currently working in the major hospitals in Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak. According…


Robotics Automates Blood Testing 

Rutgers-led medical research team has designed the robot for blood testing that outperforms medical staff in most cases.  The results of first clinical trials are published in the journal Technology in the article “First-in-human evolution of hand-held automated venipuncture device for rapid venous blood draws”,…